Striking Pixels

My name is Priyanka Menon,
I’m a Content Specialist.

Priyanka Menon’s grandparents wanted her to be a doctor or lawyer but she defied them all! She used to carry her father’s Canon AE-1 and Panasonic M7 around the house demanding to capture everything. If you have seen any up skirts or nose photos and home videos, it’s just her early work!

Her background in content strategy, content creation, project, and account management informs her mindful and competitive approach. Priyanka is driven by her passion to tell a story and to make sure the right people view it. She is constantly learning about new techniques, equipment and talent that she can bring together to create the best visual story she can. 

My Skills


Priyanka loves to take photos of people ever since she was a child. She has a knack for getting the right emotion, the right look. She aims to find the soul within, her lens searches for the truth behind her subject.


No matter what happens in this world, one of the many things that is certain is that content consumption will never stop. We aim to partner with you to create a one-of-a-kind video.


It’s all about control; control of the light, back ground, shadows, the subjects. The sudio helps us to find the perfect neutral point to tell the story that is meant to be told.

Content Strategy

Making content is one thing, but distributing it and making sure the right people are seeing them is just as important. Let’s discuss what we can do for you to make your content soar.

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